Clubhouse announces new collaboration tool and free version of its project management platform – gpgmail

Clubhouse — the software project management platform focused on team collaboration, workflow transparency and ease of integration — is taking another big step towards its goal of democratizing efficient software development. Traditionally, legacy project management programs in software development can often appear like an engineer feeding frenzy around a clunky stack of to-dos. Engineers have […]

New open source project wants to expand serverless vision beyond functions – gpgmail

Serverless technology offers developers a way to develop without thinking about the infrastructure resources required to run a program, but up until now it has mostly been limited to function-driven programming. CloudState, a new open source project from Lightbend, wants to change that by moving beyond functions. Lightbend CTO Jonas Bonér believes this ability to […]

Google details AI work behind Project Euphonia’s more inclusive speech recognition – gpgmail

As part of new efforts towards accessibility, Google announced Project Euphonia at I/O in May: An attempt to make speech recognition capable of understanding people with non-standard speaking voices or impediments. The company has just published a post and its paper explaining some of the AI work enabling the new capability. The problem is simple […]

Save Up To 98% On Training That Will Help You Become A Project Manager

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. There’s never been a better time to work in project management. Companies large and small are scrambling to hire talented and trained professionals who can inspire teams and exceed goals, and they’re paying these managers handsomely for their services. Here […]