Snoop Dogg adds some bling to Just Eat’s jingle in ‘joy of takeaway’ second phase- Tempemail – Blog – 10 minute

Just Eat’s jingle has been given the Snoop Dogg treatment, as the delivery service continues its pivot away from a focus on convenience to an emphasis on delivering joy.
Billed as ‘this year’s biggest collaboration,’ the spot sees the rapper working hard on jazzing up Just Eat’s latest jingle – doggystyle.
“It was a great track, it had its run, it did a great job… but it needed to upgrade,” a regally dressed Snoop Dogg coolly tells the camera. ”That’s why they brought me in, you know. To put some spice on it.”
Created by McCann London, with social strategy and creative managed by Byte London, the global campaign is devised to reiterate Just Eat’s brand message – that it isn’t a traditional weekend takeaway treat, but for all food delivery occasions.
The global campaign will launch in seven markets and run from May, for a year in every territory, across TV, out-of-home (OOH), digital OOH, social and radio.
The campaign is the next chapter of its global brand platform ‘Did Somebody Say Just Eat?’ created by McCann, which picked up the newly-unified creative account back in 2018.
The fresh tagline in the UK marked a departure from the output of Karmarama which worked for three years on the UK account, focusing on the ‘magical world’ of Just Eat’s food delivery service, relaying the app’s scale and ease of use for Brits.
The campaign arrives during a particularly busy period in Just Eat’s 19-year history.
In the UK alone, the company has enjoyed a surge of 3,000 new partners since the coronavirus outbreak forced food joints to close doors to diners.

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Rwanda to phase out gas motorcycle-taxis for e-motos – gpgmail

The government of Rwanda will soon issue national policy-guidelines to eliminate gas motorcycles in its taxi sector in favor of e-motos.

The country’s president Paul Kagame previewed the plan last week. “We will find a way to replace the ones you have now. We urge taxi-moto operators to help us when the phase-out process comes,” he said speaking at a youth forum.

The Director General for the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority Patrick Nyirishema confirmed Kagame’s comments were ahead of a national e-mobility plan in the works for the East African nation.

“The president’s announcement is exactly the policy direction we’re in…it’s about converting to electric motos…The policy is prepared, it’s yet to be passed..and is going through the approval process,” Nyirishema told gpgmail on a call from Kigali.

Motorcycle taxis in Rwanda are a common mode of transit, with estimates of 20 to 30 thousand operating in the capital of Kigali. The country has come a long way since the 1990s, becoming a test-bed for drone-delivery and prioritizing initiatives to become an African tech hub.

Rwanda motorcycle taxisNyirishema explained that converting to e-motorcycles is part of a national strategy to move Rwanda’s entire mobility space to electric. The country will start with public transit operators, such as moto-taxis, and move to buses and automobiles.

“Once the policy is out, we’ll no longer permit any motorcycle that is not electric to be added to a fleet,”  Nyirishema said, adding that the country’s regulators will need to create an appropriate transition period and program for taxi operators to move to e-motos.

The news comes as Africa’s motorcycle taxi markets — worth an estimated $4 billion — have seen a flurry of tech investment and expansion. Uber and Bolt got into the motorcycle taxi business in Africa in 2018.

Norwegian (and Chinese backed) browser service Opera’s recent $50 million backed West Africa product expansion included linking its new payment app to ORide, a motorcycle ride-hail venture it launched in Nigeria.

Nigerian motorcycle taxi and delivery startup raised a $7 million Series A round with participation from Yamaha. The company is using the funding to pilot e-motorcycles in Africa powered by renewable energy.

Another local moto-taxi ventureUganda’s SafeBoda—received outside capital in a Series B round co-led by the venture arms of Germany’s Allianz and Indonesia’s Go-Jek. 

The Director General for  Rwanda’s Utilities Regulatory Authority Patrick Nyirishema prepared to confirm partners for the country’s e-moto conversion.

One startup that says it will be involved is Ampersand, a Kigali based venture that has already begun to pilot EVs and charging systems in Rwanda.

The company has worked with a feasibility study for implementing electric vehicles across Rwanda since last year, according to CEO Josh Whale. “We’ve also got a grant from the government…and it’s been tied in really well with the feasibility study,” he told gpgmail.

Copy of Bike Rebero Ampersand eveningAmpersand has shaped its own e-motorcycle model, building the batteries and fitting them into new motorcycle chassis imported from Asia. To keep the taxi-moto riders consistently moving—vs. delayed while recharging—the startup has developed a battery swapping system and station.

One motorcycle ride-hail startup that’s been testing an Ampersand e-moto is Cango. Founded in 2015, the company has app-based, on-demand taxi-moto fleets in Rwanda and Congo.

“We intend to be among the first to switch our fleet, as the [Ampersand] bikes are ready,” Cango co-founder Barrett Nash told gpgmail in a message from Kinshasa.

Ampersand CEO Josh Wale sees electricity changing the micro-economics of motorcycle taxi markets. He estimates taxi riders in Rwanda spend $2000 a year on fuel and oil-charges for their gas machines.

“Looking at it from a driver point of view, from day one they are paying less for the bike and the battery by going electric,” he said.




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