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Mackay Regional Council in Queensland has signed a multi-million dollar deal to commercialise its “smart-water” application, called MiWater.
The deal gives Australian smart water meter and sensing company Taggle Systems rights to the MiWater intellectual property and existing customer contracts.
The council claims that more than 110,000 homes and businesses use MiWater, which informs them about water leaks and high water usage. The information comes from smart water meters and sensors.
More than 14,000 Mackay residents also use the associated myH2o website to keep track of how much water they use. The council claims the software helped identify and notify Mackay consumers of about 35,000 water leaks in 2018. Other councils also use the software.
Overall, MiWater has helped identify leaks totalling six billion litres of water, according to Mackay Regional Council.
The software has also helped Mackay win two innovation awards.
Mackay Regional Council started developing the software in 2014, with development work handled by the 11-person Mackay company Tyeware.
Taggle Systems supports the software for Mackay Regional Council and other users and will continue to do so.  
It plans on working with Tyeware to further develop the software and expand its user base in Australia and overseas.
The value of the deal has not been made public.

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Nintendo Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Another Large ROM Site

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Nintendo owns some of the most iconic intellectual property in games, and it’s taking a stand against ROM sites. After securing a win against two major ROM distributors, Nintendo has set its sights on another website called RomUniverse. Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against the owner of RomUniverse seeking millions of dollars in damages and demanding that the site shut down. 

According to the legal filing, RomUniverse is one of the largest unauthorized distributors of Nintendo games. It also seems to be a particularly brazen enterprise, featuring a Nintendo-themed background and paid memberships (a one-time $30 fee) that allow users to download as much content as they want. Without the membership, you can only download three items per week. RomUniverse also hosts movies and ebooks, and these are direct downloads. At least torrent sites have the advantage of not storing infringing files on their servers. 

Nintendo points to numerous examples of infringing content including ROMs for the current-gen Switch consoleSEEAMAZON_ET_135 See Amazon ET commerce and older systems like the 3DS, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 64, and NES. Simply having ROM files isn’t illegal, but it’s something of a gray area. You’re probably in the clear if you make backups of games you already own. However, making those ROMs available for download is just asking for trouble, and Nintendo is famously strict about the use of its IP. 

The company’s lawsuit seeks $2 million in damages for trademark infringement across the site plus $150,000 per infringing file. That’s where the damages would really stack up. There are thousands of Nintendo ROMs on the site. Just the selection of Switch titles would push the damages into the tens of millions. In addition to damages, Nintendo demands that the website operator shut down the site and transfer ownership to Nintendo. 

It has been just over a year since Nintendo filed a lawsuit against and, both of which were owned Jacob Mathias. By late 2018, Mathias had agreed to a $12 million settlement with Nintendo. The sites temporarily went offline shortly after Nintendo filed suit, and later became apology pages. They are now completely offline. The fact that RomUniverse is still online and serving pirated games suggests the owner won’t be so quick to surrender. We could be looking at a more drawn-out case.

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