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Instagram is updating its IGTV app in the hopes of getting more people to use the service and promote creators making long-form videos, reports The Verge.
The company is completely redesigning the homepage to feature a creator right at the top of the page, tailored to each user based on who they follow and whose content the app thinks might be interesting to them. Furthermore, the app is receiving a Discover tab similar to Instagram’s to surface new and relevant IGTV content as well as a hands-free recording mode.
The addition to the Discover tab could be the redesign’s most important new feature – currently, the app only displays videos from people users are following, as well as “popular videos”. A Discover tab could actually encourage users to keep returning to the app.

The social media giant is also releasing a small, but perceived impactful update to the Instagram app proper. With the update, users will be able to feature their IGTV content on their stories, and instead of a freeze-frame – 15 seconds of the IGTV content will play.
Instagram could be hoping that this could influence users to click through and watch the full video, giving the creators more views.
It could be that these updates are the ticket to make the app more appealing, at least as for creating videos and finding new content. It is, however, unclear how many users are currently accessing IGTV through the Instagram app itself and how many are using the actual IGTV app.
The company has declined to offer up use numbers, however, The Verge notes that while the Instagram app has over 10-million reviews on Android and iOS app stores, the IGTV app has slightly over 1,000 reviews on App Store and 25,000 on Google Play.
Instagram could be thinking that users are struggling to find videos on their apps, and this could be contributing to the lower view counts on the platform. The company has been allowing users to post their IGTV videos on their grids, and thus into their followers’ feeds just for this reason.
“The Future of Videos” is what Instagram is touting its IGTV platform, so ensuring people can actually find content to watch, as well as creators they like that’ll keep them coming back, is essential to making it this true.
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Instagram may allow creators to syndicate IGTV videos to Facebook – gpgmail

Following the departure of Instagram’s founders, Facebook is working to more closely integrate the photo-sharing app with its flagship social network. It’s already added its brand name next to Instagram’s, and is working to make both platforms’ messaging products interoperable. Now, Facebook is prototyping a means of syndicating Instagram’s IGTV video to Facebook’s video site, Facebook Watch.

In another find from noted reverse engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, Instagram was found to have under development a feature that would allow Instagram users to post their IGTV content to both Instagram as a preview, as well as to Facebook and Watch — the latter by toggling an additional switch labeled “make visible on Facebook.”

Wong says the feature is still in the prototype stage, as the buttons themselves aren’t functional.

This move, should it come to pass, could prompt more video creators to use IGTV, given that it would boost their videos’ distribution by also including Facebook as a destination for their content. The videos could also be part of an ongoing, episodic series, Wong had found.

This, in turn, could help IGTV — an app which hasn’t quite taken off as a standalone video platform. Today, IGTV takes inspiration from TikTok and Snapchat’s vertical video. It’s meant to engage Instagram users with longer-form, portrait mode video content but within Instagram and in a separate IGTV app. But IGTV has often been filled with poorly cropped and imported web video, rather than content designed specifically for the platform.

Meanwhile, the IGTV app has struggled to rise to the top of the App Store’s charts the way its parent, Instagram has. Today, it’s ranked No. 159 in the Photo & Video category on the App Store, and unranked in the Overall top charts.

To address some of the issues that creators have complained about, Instagram this week rolled out a few changes to the upload experience. This included the new ability to select the 1:1 crop of an IGTV thumbnail for the creator’s Profile Cover as well as the ability to edit which 5:4 section of the IGTV video shows in the Feed.

IGTV will also now auto-populate Instagram handles and tags on IGTV titles and descriptions, and will now support the ability to longer video from mobile. With the latter change, IGTV has increased the minimum threshold to upload on mobile to one minute, and is allowing mobile uploads up to 15 minutes.

Instagram declined to comment on the possible syndication of IGTV content to Facebook and Facebook Watch.

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