Facebook expresses censorship concerns after blocking Singapore users’ access to fake news page- Tempemail – Blog – 10 minute

Facebook has blocked Singapore-based users access to the page of the State Times’ Review (STR) on the orders of the Singapore government.
STR has been accused on multiple occasions by the government of perpetuating fake news and misinformation. It had been served three correction directions by the government under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA), but failed to heed any.
The latest correction notice was served after STR posted an article containing claims about the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation that was deemed “entirely untrue” according to the government.
The Covid-19 crisis has hit a high level of concern globally, and has now infected 75,151 people and claimed the lives of 2,007 people across 29 territories at the time of writing.
However, after STR failed to heed the notice, it was designated as a Declared Online Location (DOL) by POFMA. A DOL is defined by the POFMA Office as “online locations that have carried three or more different online falsehoods that are the subject of active directions issued by POFMA Office”.
DOLs are required to carry a notice warning readers to “exercise caution and do additional fact-checking” when accessing the sites for information.
However, the STR refused to carry the required DOL notice and instead said it was shutting down to meet the Government’s compliance requirements, with The Real Singapore taking over its Facebook page and website. Its Facebook page name was changed to @THEREALSINGAPORE.
Following this, the minister for communications and information S Iswaran then directed the POFMA Office to order Facebook to block Singapore users from accessing STR’s page.
Facebook complied as it said it was “legally compelled” to carry out the order. However, the social network told Channel NewsAsia it believed “orders like this are disproportionate” and “contradict the Singapore government’s claim that POFMA would not be used as a censorship tool”.
“We’ve repeatedly highlighted this law’s potential for overreach and we’re deeply concerned about the precedent this sets for the stifling of freedom of expression in Singapore,” said a Facebook spokesperson.
Tempemail previously looked at why misinformation is a clear and present danger during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Microsoft debuts a new version of its To Do app as Wunderlist founder expresses remorse – gpgmail

Microsoft several years ago acquired the popular iOS app Wunderlist with the intention of building out its own list-making productivity app that brings the best of Wunderlist’s feature set to a larger group of mobile consumers. This is a similar path as Microsoft took with email app Accompli, which later became Microsoft Outlook for mobile devices. In the case of Wunderlist, Microsoft didn’t just rebrand the app — it built a new one called Microsoft To Do. With Wunderlist up and running for years alongside To Do, its founder wants to know if he can just have it back.

The founder of Wunderlist maker 6 Wunderkinder, Christian Reber, recently tweeted a desire to buy his app back from Microsoft just as the company is launching a new version of To Do. 

According to the tweets, Reber says he’s serious about reacquiring Wunderlist and wants to make it open-source and free. He even tweeted a list of upgrades he’d like to build, including features like shared folders and cross-team collaboration, among other things.

The founder doesn’t come across as having sour grapes exactly. He just says he’s sad that his plans for Wunderlist didn’t work out, but he’s grateful for the Microsoft exit.

If anything, it seems to be just remorse over the fact that Wunderlist itself will be shut down.

Microsoft had said years ago this was its intention, but also that it would hold off until it felt it has a competitive product that Wunderlist’s users would love.

On Monday, Microsoft unveiled another upgrade for Microsoft To Do, which hints that the Wunderlist shut down could be nearing.

The upgrade delivers a more polished look-and-feel with a wider range of backgrounds, including the Berlin TV tower theme that was popular in Wunderlist.

The app also includes smart lists and a personalized daily planner that offers smart suggestions of tasks that need to be accomplished, Microsoft reminded its users, and it’s supported across a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

The app is now also integrated with other Microsoft apps like Outlook, Microsoft Planner, Cortana, and Microsoft Launcher on Android, among others. And it works with Alexa, if you prefer.

With the release, Microsoft is again pushing users to migrate from Wunderlist to To Do to gain access to these features.

It did not, however, give an end-of-life date for Wunderlist, which is remarkably still a top 100 Productivity app in the U.S. App Store, according to data from App Annie, over four years after its acquisition.

We’ve asked Microsoft if it will share more details around its plans for Wunderlist and if it has any response to Reber’s request.

“Once we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into Microsoft To Do, we will retire Wunderlist. We look forward to making Microsoft To Do even more useful, intuitive and personal,” a Microsoft spokesperson replied. The company declined to comment on Reber’s tweets.

Microsoft To Do has been installed approximately 5.8 million times worldwide since launch, according to dat from Sensor Tower. During that same timeframe, Wunderlist was installed about 10 million times.

As for Reber, he says he’s written to Microsoft many times before and now tried to make it more official via Twitter. The offer, he tells gpgmail, is indeed serious, and the price would be based on the negotiation. “Chances are low, but I’m trying,” he says.


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