What you missed in cybersecurity this week – gpgmail

There’s not a week that goes by where cybersecurity doesn’t dominates the headlines. This week was no different. Struggling to keep up? We’ve collected some of the biggest cybersecurity stories from the week to keep you in the know and up to speed. gpgmail: This was the biggest iPhone security story of the year. Google […]

Malicious websites were used to secretly hack into iPhones for years, says Google – gpgmail

Security researchers at Google say they’ve found a number of malicious websites which, when visited, could quietly hack into a victim’s iPhone by exploiting a set of previously undisclosed software flaws. Google’s Project Zero said in a deep-dive blog post published late on Thursday that the websites were visited thousands of times per week by […]

Apple expands its bug bounty, increases maximum payout to $1M – gpgmail

Apple is finally giving security researchers something they’ve wanted for years: a macOS bug bounty. The technology giant said Thursday it will roll out the bug bounty program to include Macs and MacBooks, as well as Apple TV and Apple Watch, almost exactly three years after it debuted its bug bounty program for iOS. The […]

Flawed office printers are a silent but serious target for hackers – gpgmail

You probably don’t think too much about your humble office printer. But they’re a prime target for hackers, if any of the dozens of vulnerabilities found by security researchers are anything to go by. The latest research by the NCC Group just revealed at the Def Con security conference shows just how easy of a […]