Google’s new feature will help you find something to watch – gpgmail

Google Search can now help you find your next binge. The company this morning announced a new feature which will make personalized recommendations of what to watch, including both TV shows and movies, and point you to services where the content is available. The feature is an expansion of Google’s existing efforts in pointing web […]

How Zhihu’s become one of China’s biggest hubs for experts – gpgmail

Zhihu may not be as well known outside of China as WeChat or ByteDance’s Douyin, but over the past eight years, it has cultivated a reputation for being one of the country’s most trustworthy social media platforms. Originally launched as a question-and-answer site similar to Quora, Zhihu has grown to be a central hub for […]

Without evidence, Trump accuses Google of manipulating millions of votes – gpgmail

The president this morning lashed out at Google on Twitter, accusing the company of manipulating millions of votes in the 2016 election to sway it toward Hillary Clinton. The authority on which he bases this serious accusation, however, is little more than supposition in an old paper reheated by months-old congressional testimony. Trump’s tweet this […]

ByteDance launches a new search portal that returns a mix of results from the Web and its own platforms – gpgmail

ByteDance has taken another step into search with the launch of a new search portal today. Called Toutiao Search, the portal is part of the website for Toutiao, the news aggregator owned by ByteDance, and currently optimized only for mobile. Though it is part of Toutiao’s website, the portal is separate from the Toutiao’s own […]