Nintendo shows off exercise-powered RPG for Switch, Ring Fit Adventure – gpgmail

Nintendo has been at the crossroads of video games and fitness since the famous Power Pad for the NES, and the Switch is the latest to receive a game powered by physical activity: Ring Fit Adventure. And it actually looks fun! In the game, you’ll jog in place to advance your character, and perform various […]

Nintendo Switch Online gets SNES games September 5, plus new SNES controllers – gpgmail

Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription-based online services component of Nintendo’s Switch console, will get SNES games starting on September 5 – yes, that’s right, the first game are available to play tomorrow. There are 20 games available initially, with more planned in future. Alongside the new software, there’s also the new SNES system wireless controller […]

The New Nintendo Switch Delivers Vastly Improved Battery Life

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The new, barely changed Nintendo Switch has finally hit the market. It hasn’t been clear what benefits end-users could expect from this new revision of the console — data pointed to better battery life, but not much more than that […]

The ClockworkPi GameShell is a super fun DIY spin on portable gaming – gpgmail

Portable consoles are hardly new, and thanks to the Switch, they’re basically the most popular gaming devices in the world. But ClockworkPi’s GameShell is something totally unique, and entirely refreshing when it comes to gaming on the go. This clever DIY console kit provides everything you need to assemble your own pocket gaming machine at […]

Classic Doom Games on Switch Broken by Mandatory Bethesda Net Logins

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. There are precious few first-person shooter franchises as iconic or beloved as Doom. With the series enjoying a resurgence of late, gamers are increasingly interested in going back to replay the classic games that got it all started. They can […]