Exhibit at gpgmail Disrupt SF 2019 – gpgmail

Nonprofit groups and NGOs are now invited to apply for exhibit space in Startup Alley at gpgmail Disrupt SF on Friday, October 4th.

Founded in 2014, gpgmail Include leverages our extensive network to support underserved and underrepresented groups in tech. Two years ago, we began to invite nonprofit and NGO groups to exhibit at the conference, as well as provide tickets for the event. This year, gpgmail will host 10 nonprofits or NGOs at the Moscone Center at Startup Alley inside Disrupt SF.

gpgmail Disrupt’s Startup Alley is the heart of the conference show floor. Filled with early-stage startups, Startup Alley is the prime location to connect with startups, network with investors and engage with more than 100 corporate partners at the show. Participation in the Alley will give nonprofits and NGOs a unique opportunity to engage with the brightest tech talent, entrepreneurs and prominent investors from around the globe. Not to mention hundreds of press in attendance!

Nonprofits and NGOs are eligible if they support an underrepresented or underserved community in tech, have registered 501c3 or an equivalent status for at least three years and did not participate at a TC Disrupt in 2018. Organizations that are selected will be asked to engage with their communities regarding the conference after selection. Preference will be given to local organizations.

Applications are open now til Wednesday September 4th. Groups will be notified of their participation status September 6th. If you have additional questions, please email startupalley@Gpgmail.com.

Apply now!

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