Latest Adobe tool helps marketers work directly with customer journey data – gpgmail

Adobe has a lot going on with Analytics and the Customer Experience Platform, a place to gather data to understand customers better. Today, it announced a new analytics tool that enables employees to work directly with customer journey data to help deliver a better customer experience.

The customer journey involves a lot of different systems from a company data lake to CRM to point of sale. This tool pulls all of that data together from across multiple systems and various channels and brings it into the data analysis workspace, announced in July.

Nate Smith, group manager for product marketing for Adobe Analytics, says the idea is to give access to this data in a standard way across the organization, whether it’s a data scientist, an analyst with SQL skills or a marketing pro simply looking for insight.

“When you think about organizations that are trying to do omni-channel analysis or trying to get that next channel of data in, they now have the platform to do that, where the data can come in and we standardize it on an academic model,” he said. They then layer this ability to continuously query the data in a visual way to get additional insight they might not have seen.

Adobe screenshot 1

Screenshot: Adobe

Adobe is trying to be as flexible as possible in every step of the process, and openness was a guiding principle here, Smith said. That means that data can come from any source, and users can visualize it using Adobe tools or an external tool like Tableau or Looker. What’s more, they can get data in or out as needed, or even use your their own models, Smith said.

“We recognize that as much as we’d love to have everyone go all in on the Adobe stack, we understand that there is existing significant investment in other tech and that integration and interoperability really needs to happen, as well,” he said.

Ultimately this is about giving marketers access to a full picture of the customer data to deliver the best experience possible based on what you know about them. “Being able to have insight and engagement points to help with the moments that matter and provide great experience is really what we’re aiming to do with this,” he said.

This product will be generally available next month.

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Mews grabs $33M Series B to modernize hotel administration – gpgmail

If you think about the traditional hotel business, there hasn’t been a ton of innovation. You mostly still stand in a line to check in, and sometimes even to check out. You let the staff know about your desire for privacy with a sign on the door. Mews believes it’s time to rethink how hotels work in a more modern digital context, especially on the administrative side, and today it announced a $33 million Series B led by Battery Ventures.

When Mews Founder Richard Valtr started his own hotel in Prague in 2012, he wanted to change how hotels have operated traditionally. “I really wanted to change the way that hotel systems are built to make sure that it’s more about the experience that the guest is actually having, rather than facilitating the kind of processes that hotels have built over the last hundred years,” Valtr told gpgmail.

He said most of the innovation in this space has been in the B2C area, using Airbnb as a prime example. He wants to bring that kind of change to the way hotels operate. “That’s essentially what Mews is trying to do. [We want to shift the focus to] the fundamental things about why we love to travel and why people actually love to stay in hotels, experience hotels, and be cared for by professional staff. We are trying to do that in a way that that actually delivers a really meaningful experience and personalized experience to that one particular customer,” he explained.

For starters, Mews is a cloud-based system that automates a lot of the manual tasks like room assignments that hotel staff at many hotels often still have to handle as part of their jobs. Valtr believes by freeing the staff from these kinds of tedious activities, it enables them to concentrate more on the guests.

It also offers ways for guests and hotels to customize their stays to get the best experience possible. Valtr says this approach brings a new level of flexibility that allows hotels to create new revenue opportunities, while letting guests choose the kind of stay they want.

From a guest perspective, they could by-pass the check-in process altogether, sharing all of their registration details ahead of time, and then getting a pass code sent to their phone to get into the room. The system integrates with third-parting hotel book sites like and Expedia, as well as other services, through its open hospitality API, which offers lots of opportunities for properties to partner with local businesses.

The company is currently operating at 1000 properties across 47 countries, but it lacks a presence in the US and wants to use this round to open an office in NYC and expand into this market.”We really want to attack the US market because that’s essentially where most of the decision makers for all of the major chains are. And we’re not going to change the industry if we don’t actually change the thinking of the biggest brands,” Valtr said.

Today, the company has 270 employees spread across 10 offices around the world. Headquarters are in Prague and London, but the company is in the process of opening that NYC office, and the number of employees will expand when that happens.

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Customer success isn’t an add-on – Start early to win later – gpgmail

What comes first: Sales or Customer Success? Many growing startups pressure themselves to start selling as soon as there’s a viable product to sell. “Set up Customer Success functions” goes on the to-do list. After all, we don’t have to worry for another year, right?

Using the proprietary Scale Studio dataset of hundreds of SaaS startups, we’ll look at the metrics that venture investors use to link your company’s valuation to success in Customer Success — then dive into the tactics for adapting your CS program to your company’s high-touch or low-touch sales model

A year passes, and the company’s first renewals come due. Everyone from the CEO on down scrambles to do whatever it takes to make those charter customers happy and win contract extensions. After all, those customers aren’t just any customers — they’re the company’s first references, critical to landing new business and raising funds from investors. Every effort goes into making them happy.

The problem is, of course, that bringing in the CEO and CTO and VP of Sales on every renewal isn’t exactly a scalable process. Nor the basis for a long-term Customer Success strategy. 

Customer Success — a formal, process-driven, value-creating operational activity — needs to be structured to scale. And it needs to be top-of-mind from day one. Here is a look at the data and strategic rationale for launching CS early in a startup’s growth to avoid inefficiency and mistakes down the line. 

The case for customer success: Valuation

To venture investors, a well-run CS operation at an early-in-revenue startup communicates that your company has a sophisticated go-to-market strategy with a customer-centric foundation. This can translate into a valuation boost along two paths: accelerated revenue growth and increased predictability. And growth is a key driver for valuation with venture investors

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Simon Data hauls in $30M Series C to continue building customer data platform – gpgmail

As businesses use an increasing variety of marketing software solutions, the goal around collecting all of that data is to improve customer experience. Simon Data announced a $30 million Series C round today to help.

The round was led by Polaris Partners . Previous investors .406 Ventures and F-Prime Capital also participated. Today’s investment brings the total raised to $59 million, according to the company.

Jason Davis, co-founder and CEO, says his company is trying to pull together a lot of complex data from a variety of sources, while driving actions to improve customer experience. “It’s about taking the data, and then building complex triggers that target the right customer at the right time,” Davis told gpgmail. He added, “This can be in the context of any sort of customer transaction, or any sort of interaction with the business.”

Companies tend to use a variety of marketing tools, and Simon Data takes on the job of understanding the data and activities going on in each one. Then based on certain actions — such as, say, an abandoned shopping cart — it delivers a consistent message to the customer, regardless of the source of the data that triggered the action.

They see this ability to pull together data as a customer data platform (CDP). In fact, part of its job is to aggregate data and use it as the basis of other activities. In this case, it involves activating actions you define based on what you know about the customer at any given moment in the process.

As the company collects this data, it also sees an opportunity to use machine learning to create more automated and complex types of interactions. “There are a tremendous number of super complex problems we have to solve. Those include core platform or infrastructure, and we also have a tremendous opportunity in front of us on the predictive and data science side as well,” Davis said. He said that is one of the areas where they will put today’s money to work.

The company, which launched in 2014, is based in NYC. The company currently has 87 employees in total, and that number is expected to grow with today’s announcement. Customers include Equinox, Venmo and WeWork. The company’s most recent funding round was a $20 million in July 2018.

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Interview with Tiziano Barbagallo from Datatrics

We asked the Italy Country Manager of the company recently acquired by the MailUp Group to explain how the Predictive Marketing platform works in practical terms, and how it brings businesses an average increase in turnover exceeding 30%.

“The future is predictive”. It seems like an oxymoron but it’s not. Predictive Marketing is still an obscure topic for many, especially in its practical applications. While in reality the technology exists, it is simple, immediate, and available to all companies.

This was clear to us after our chat with Tiziano Barbagallo, the Italy Country Manager of Datatrics, the Dutch company that developed a Predictive Marketing platform and has been part of the MailUp Group since 2018.

Datatrics then reached Italy in early 2019 under the leadership of Country Manager Tiziano
Barbagallo: born in Catania in 1985,
Tiziano comes from Schibsted Media Group, where he had been the Country Manager
of the Pagomeno comparator since 2017. Before that he worked at Subito from
2013 to 2017, initially as a Program Management Officer and then as a Business
Development Manager. Going back even further, he was a Senior Project Manager
at Vodafone from 2010 to 2013.

We asked him a few questions to understand how Predictive Marketing and the
Datatrics platform works. Let’s see what
he answered

Tiziano Barbagallo, Italy Country Manager of Datatrics

How would you define Predictive Marketing?

Predictive Marketing is a set of marketing
strategies that, thanks to the collection of data and information on customer
behavior and habits, allows companies to anticipate
and forecast
their future needs.

How does Datatrics fit into this context?

To date, the main problem of Predictive
Marketing is its complexity: it requires specific knowledge of statistical
techniques, predictive modeling tools, machine learning, and data mining in
order to analyze historical and current facts and provide predictions about the
future or unknown events.

Datatrics, on the other hand, is a Predictive Marketing solution based on
Artificial Intelligence that does not require specific technical or
statistical skills
: it has a modern, simple interface and does not require
integration or dedicated developments. It is a plug&play solution: it aggregates data from internal sources (CRM, email, social
networks, e-commerce, web analytics, etc.) and external sources (demographic data, weather conditions, traffic
intensity, etc.) and uses them to build a complete database with comprehensive customer profiles.

Next, thanks to the artificial intelligence
algorithm Datatrics Predict®, you can predict
the interests of customers
who interact with your website, emails, and
marketing campaigns (Google, Facebook, Display Adv, etc.), allowing you to
create dedicated Customer Journeys
and communicate with customized content that encourages a purchase.

In summary, Datatrics makes Artificial
Intelligence and Predictive Marketing technology accessible to all companies, thanks to a very simple and intuitive

Can you help us understand how the integration between Datatrics and MailUp works with a practical example?

Let’s take the case of an e-commerce site selling electronic products. Thanks to the
Datatrics-MailUp integration, the following operations can be carried out:

  • Create a segment for users in the “Decision” phase, who are
    sensitive to discounts and interested in the “TV” category 
  • Customize a Facebook advertising campaign showing the most suited TV for this
  • When users click on the Facebook Adv and
    land on the website, Datatrics lets you display customized products (for example TVs and related products)
  • If the user decides not to put the
    product in his cart and wants to close the website, then Datatrics displays a pop-up with a Newsletter subscription
    button in exchange for a coupon
  • The user enters his email address and
    receives a personalized email with
    the coupon via MailUp, possibly along with a suggestion of products based on
    his decision-making flow
  • When the user purchases the TV and
    passes on to the “Evaluation” level of the funnel, he receives another automatic email from MailUp
    with suggestions for related and similar products, as well as an invitation to
    leave a review on Facebook
  • Based
    on the user’s interaction with the email sent by MailUp, it will always be
    possible to define further marketing
    on the various touchpoints (adv, website, email).

On what levels of the funnel do Datatrics and MailUp operate?

The Datatrics-MailUp combinationlets companies work on all levels of the funnel, in an
automated and simple way.

An integrated strategy lets you activate different touchpoints – for example as
Adv campaigns (in acquisition or retargeting), recommended content and pop-ups
on the site, personalized and automatic emails – deciding whether to activate
them on a specific level of the funnel or on all of them.

Here’s an example: a user in the
“Consideration” phase can have a message
or personalized content
displayed on the site; when that user closes the
page, he is sent a personalized email (at the best time in order to maximize
the open rate) to push him to land on the site again to finalize the purchase,
possibly proposing a coupon. So with these operations, the user is accompanied
to the next level of the funnel, that of “Intent”.

Do you have estimates on the average increase in turnover thanks to predictive marketing?

Studies and research from prestigious American
universities have demonstrated the success of predictive algorithms applied to
marketing, reporting average increases
in turnover of 10-15%

While companies using Datatrics Predictive Marketing are obtaining incredible results,
with average increases in turnover of over
after just a few months. This is because companies generally increase
both the conversion rate and the average receipt amount with Datatrics, with a
multiplier effect on turnover.

Moreover, since it is real machine learning, the algorithm is constantly and continuously
updating, thus performance can also improve over time.

Do you have to have data analysis skills to use Datatrics?

Datatrics does not require specific data
analysis or development skills, as it is a platform developed specifically for
those working in marketing and has a very
fast and easy UX/UI

This lets companies’ marketing teams focus on
defining the strategy and letting Datatrics work independently.

Speaking of the market, in which business sectors would the MailUp-Datatrics integration have the greatest effect?

The combined use of Datatrics-MailUp brings great added value to any company, regardless of the sector to which it belongs. But the integration is truly decisive in the e-commerce/retail and travel/leisure sectors thanks to the high level of email personalization. This leads to a significant increase in email marketing and sales metrics.

Furthermore, information relating to user
behavior with emails (openings, clicks, etc.) can be intelligently reused to stimulate purchases on the site and
optimize advertising campaigns.

What type of progress has Datatrics made in Italy since its arrival? Has it been easier or more difficult than abroad?

Datatrics has been very well received on the Italian market. Our country has
different characteristics compared to Holland, where Datatrics was launched
over two years ago, and where the internet penetration and digital skills are
far ahead of Italy.

This is why the “education” aspect is decisive for us, that is, helping
companies understand the benefits of a tool like Datatrics. And the results
will speak to this.

number of Datatrics customers grows every week
and in just a few months we’ve reached 10% of the Dutch customer base. Italian
companies are very demanding; they encourage us to continue working to improve
the platform with new features and additions.

Datatrics Team
From left: Francesco Taurino (Account Manager), Francesco Prete (Client Success Coordinator) and Valerio Mensitieri (New Business Development Coordinator)

How do you see the future of Datatrics?

The future prospects are absolutely encouraging. We have a lot of room in
the Italian market, a large margin considering the increasing awareness of the need for Predictive Marketing tools.
I certainly expect more competition in the coming years, but Datatrics will
continue to work to be a step ahead.

The Italian team is growing: there are currently four of us split
between the Sales and Client Success areas. The commercial structure continues
to grow and we expect more new entries in the coming months with roles such as Account Manager and New Business Development Coordinator.
Similarly, we will also enhance the Client Success area by adding a Solution

I also expect Datatrics to consolidate in the
Dutch market in addition to international
in other countries.

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