Uber plans to keep defending independent contractor model for drivers – gpgmail

In light of gig worker protections bill AB5 passing in the California State Senate last night, amendments to AB5 passing in the Assembly this morning, Uber has made it clear it plans to do whatever it takes to keep its drivers independent contractors. “We will continue to advocate for a compromised agreement,” Uber Chief Legal […]

Gig worker bill AB-5 passes in California – gpgmail

Assembly Bill 5, the gig worker bill opposed by the likes of Uber, Lyft and DoorDash, has passed in the California State Senate. This comes shortly after California Governor Gavin Newsom officially put his support behind AB 5 in an op-ed. The bill needed 21 votes to pass in the State Senate. It passed in […]

Uber and Lyft are putting $60 million toward keeping drivers independent contractors – gpgmail

In light of gig worker protection legislation Assembly Bill 5 making its way through California’s legislature, Uber and Lyft are amping up their efforts to do whatever they can to prevent it from happening. And in the event that the bill does pass, which would force Uber and Lyft to make their drivers W-2 employees, […]

Uber proposes policy that would pay drivers a minimum wage of $21 per hour – gpgmail

On the heels of a driver-led protest outside Uber’s San Francisco headquarters where drivers showed their support for gig worker protections legislation Assembly Bill 5 and demanded a union, Uber is circulating a petition urging people to “protect ridesharing in California.” In the petition, Uber advocates for a policy that would offer drivers a minimum […]

Uber and Lyft drivers are not letting up on the fight for AB-5 and a union – gpgmail

A number Uber and Lyft drivers are protesting outside of Uber’s San Francisco headquarters to demand the passage of Assembly Bill 5 and the right to unionize. “What do we want? AB-5! When do we want it? Now!” That was one of the phrases drivers chanted outside of Uber’s HQ this afternoon. This is part […]