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The simple truth: if you want good things to happen, start doing them. Pentalog’s staff have huge hearts and stunning ideas. The month of December is always about goodness, generosity, and a Merry Christmas. Each year, it’s the time when we learn to do more, care more, and share more.
The holidays have ended and the New Year is now rolling, so it’s time to analyze what we learned this past season.
Let’s go back in time, rewind some of the things we did in December, and find the reward in what we learned from our experiences.
Takeaway 1: How to become a true Santa
In Chisinau, we learned that to become Santa, all you need to do is say so. It’s that simple. The holiday season started with two major events: Santa exists – Santa is you & Table Tennis Championship, both for charity.
#1 “Santa exists – Santa is you” is a movement that turned the dreams of 108 children from a local orphanage into reality. 108 letters, more than 100 participants, plenty of enthusiasm and creativity – all of this was brought together in a single event.

A child’s happiness, in gift form.

#2 Table Tennis Championship, Charity edition brought smiles and sweets to another 80 children. With all of the collected money, we combined fun with a noble plan to make personalized gifts for kids. Thanks to our diligent PentaBees, the gifts and fruits were delivered right before the magical Christmas night.

Handmade sweet gifts prepared for a local orphanage

We all had the joy of being Santa for a moment, and it was an amazing experience, so get ready to join our ranks next season. There are four steps to becoming a good Santa Claus:

Step 1 – Receive a kid’s Santa letter – DONE
Step 2 – Prepare a gift. Be creative and make the gift as special as possible – DONE
Step 3 – Dress up as a Santa Claus and remember your gloves, beard, and a hat – it’s cold in the North – DONE
Step 4 – Give the kid his gift and get ready for lots of hugs – DONE

Real Santa geek wearing eyeglasses. So cool!

Takeaway 2: Joy comes from small things
In Brasov, you can find amazing landscapes as well as amazing people.
The team in Brasov planned all sorts of activities for last year’s winter holidays, which made us realize that genuine happiness can sometimes fit in a shoebox or be as sweet as a cupcake.
#1 ShoeBox movement: These gifts were waiting to be received by 79 teenagers in the city of Brasov and four neighboring villages.

Real Santa geek wearing eyeglasses. So cool!

#2 Christmas Fair: PentaGuys cook and craft. Head to Brasov for the most anticipated fair of the year and enjoy homemade banana bread, Tiramisu cakes, and buy a small Christmas tree to put on your desk.This upcoming season, be merry and join us. We’ll put some sweets aside for you!

 #3 Christmas Carols Concert: The gifted singers of Pentalog Brasov came with an entire orchestra to make the evening so special. When music means more, when voices bring tears to your eyes…

Takeaway 3: Take off the beard, put on a smile
In Bucharest, we wanted to bring joy to children and make their day a little brighter through a charity movement organized for “Casa Valentina,” which hosts over 60 children from disadvantaged families.

You don’t need Santa’s clothes to become a Santa!

Remember the four-step guide on how to become a good Santa? Well, there’s a fifth step if you really want to feel like a real Santa:

Step 5 – Put on a huge smile and enjoy the moment – DONE

Takeaway 4: Dreams come true when you least expect it
The old, but gold tradition at Pentalog Iasi transforms dreams into reality for children in need. They’re from the local school of a neighboring village.

Sweet children singing Christmas carols – such a pleasure

That one moment of concentration and happiness at the highest level. Can you feel the children’s excitement?

Charity is not just about helping, it’s an investment in someone’s future. Each time, the experience teaches us to be better and treat people well, especially the ones who are in the most need. What a joy to see the entire Pentalog community working together for a noble cause.
Together, We Rock!
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