Clothing marketplace Poshmark confirms data breach – gpgmail

Poshmark, an online marketplace for buying and selling clothes, has reported a data breach.

The company said in a brief blog post that user profile information, including names and usernames, gender and city data was taken by an “unauthorized third party.” Email addresses, size preferences, and scrambled passwords were also taken.

Poshmark did not say which hashing algorithm, used to scramble the passwords, was used. Some algorithms are stronger than others.

The company also said “internal” preferences, such as email and push notifications, were taken.

Poshmark said it retained an outside security firm but did not say which company. It also said it has rolled out “enhanced security measures” without elaborating. We’ve contacted Poshmark for answers, but did not immediately hear back.

Financial data and physical address information was not compromise, the company said

Poshmark has upwards of 50 million users.

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