Interview with Tiziano Barbagallo from Datatrics

We asked the Italy Country Manager of the company recently acquired by the MailUp Group to explain how the Predictive Marketing platform works in practical terms, and how it brings businesses an average increase in turnover exceeding 30%. “The future is predictive”. It seems like an oxymoron but it’s not. Predictive Marketing is still an […]

MailUp’s advanced filters have arrived

You can now create a filter by linking different conditions to segment recipients with maximum precision. The result? More flexibility, better engagement, and greater conversions. We’ve been working for months on customizing campaign tools in developing the MailUp platform. We had started with new workflows then moved on to custom rows. Today, we announce another […]

Messaging Apps for e-commerce: a strategic guide

There are 5 necessary steps for online stores to launch products, collections, and catalogs on Facebook Messenger and Telegram. We know that e-commerce is no longer a niche. Rather, it is the real engine of expansion and innovation in offline retail. We also know that year after year mobile shopping grows in double digits. Nevertheless, […]

19 Small Business Email Marketing Tips For Successful Campaigns

In 2019, almost any skill or talent can lead to a genuine business idea, thanks to the perks of the world-wide-web. This is why more and more people choose to leave their day job behind and explore the unknown, through starting their own business. Unfortunately, not everyone has a clear lead generation strategy and even […]

Google Algorithm Updates Impacting your Search Results

More than 90% of web searches happen on Google. With Google being a search giant claiming all those searches, business owners must find interest in investing in SEO in light of Google algorithm updates. The trick in every update is that they lean toward bettering the user experience to give the users of Google the […]

Email Marketing Metrics – Understanding Their Effectiveness

Email marketing metrics are used to observe and adjust the effectiveness of an email campaign. There are many different metrics that campaign managers can get insights from, but only a few give valuable information that can help you improve your strategy. These important metrics can help you lower your costs, fix potential issues, and, in […]

Strategy to Market Your Business: Be Unique

Marketing is probably the single most efficient business tool. While a lot of entrepreneurs tend to concentrate on products or customer service, the fact remains that only top-level marketing has the power to help you distinguish your brand from the bunch of other competitors. This is particularly the case with digital marketing, a feature that […]

Email Copywriting Techniques For Successful Campaigns

If you ever wondered how to write the perfect marketing email, the following email copywriting tips will certainly help you out. A good marketing email is designed with a goal in mind (conversions, link clicks, sales, etc.). But are there any special copywriting techniques that make an email stand out and perform better? Most will […]

What is an email list? – Understanding the basics

Have you ever subscribed to an email newsletter on a website in order to receive weekly emails or free eBooks? Then you are on the mailing list of that specific website. But have you ever asked yourself “What is an email list exactly and how does it work?” The answer is pretty simple and, once […]

Does Capitalization Matter In Email Addresses

I’m sure it has crossed your mind when you accidentally leave the Caps Lock on. And while you quickly fix what you think is a mistake, you can’t help but wonder… Does Capitalization Matter In Email Addresses? In this post, we set out to discover what the web has to say and give you the […]