Loot boxes in games are gambling and should be banned for kids, say UK MPs – gpgmail

[ad_1] UK MPs have called for the government to regulate the games industry’s use of loot boxes under current gambling legislation — urging a blanket ban on the sale of loot boxes to players who are children. Kids should instead be able to earn in-game credits to unlock look boxes, MPs have suggested in a […]

Mike Bloomberg’s philanthropic arm is shelling out $160 million to keep kids from vaping – gpgmail

[ad_1] As 33 states investigate roughly 450 lung illnesses that may be associated with vaping, the billionaire former New York City mayor and founder of Bloomberg, Michael Bloomberg, is committing $160 million to combat vaping. Bloomberg has long been an advocate for anti-smoking campaigns and has spent millions on getting folks to quit smoking. Now […]

YouTube Kids launches on the web – gpgmail

[ad_1] Kid-friendly YouTube content now has its own website, youtubekids.com. The website will offer a similar experience to the existing YouTube Kids mobile app, where parents will be able to direct their child to videos that are age-appropriate, as well as track their child’s watch history and flag content missed by YouTube’s filters. At launch, […]

Koru Kids raises £10M Series A for its childcare platform – gpgmail

[ad_1] Koru Kids, the London-based startup that helps you find and manage childcare, has raised £10 million in new funding to scale its platform. The Series A round is led by Atomico, with Atomico Partner Niall Wass joining the company’s board. Also participating are previous investors AlbionVC, Forward Partners, Samos, JamJar, Rocket Internet’s Global Founders […]

Ahead of FTC ruling, YouTube Kids is getting a website – gpgmail

[ad_1] Ahead of the official announcement of an FTC settlement which could force YouTube to direct under-13-year-old users to a separate experience for YouTube’s kid-friendly content, the company has quietly announced plans to launch its YouTube Kids service on the web. Previously, parents would have to download the YouTube Kids app to a mobile device […]

YouTube is closing its private messages feature…and many kids are outraged – gpgmail

[ad_1] People love to share YouTube videos among their friends, which is why in mid-2017 YouTube launched a new in-app messaging feature that would allow YouTube users to private send their friends videos and chat within a dedicated tab in the YouTube mobile app. That feature is now being shut down, the company says. After […]

Roku launches a Kids & Family section on The Roku Channel, plus parental controls – gpgmail

[ad_1] Roku’s home entertainment hub, The Roku Channel, is expanding into kids’ programming. The company this morning announced plans to aggregate kids and family movies and TV alongside the channel’s other content, including its free, ad-supported movies and television, live TV, and subscriptions. In addition to the launch of the new “Kids & Family” section […]

WW launches Kurbo, a hotly debated ‘healthy eating’ app aimed at kids – gpgmail

[ad_1] Kurbo Health, a mobile weight loss solution designed to tackle childhood obesity which was acquired for $3 million by WW (the rebranded Weight Watchers), has now relaunched as Kurbo by WW — and not without some controversy. Pre-acquisition, the startup was focused on democratizing access to research, behavior modification techniques and other tools that […]

Nike launches a subscription service for kids’ shoes, Nike Adventure Club – gpgmail

[ad_1] Just in time for back-to-school shopping, Nike today officially announced its entry into the subscription service market with the launch of a “sneaker club” for kids called Nike Adventure Club. The new program is specifically designed to make shopping easier for parents who struggle to keep up with their quickly growing children’s shoe needs. […]

Drone crash near kids leads Swiss Post and Matternet to suspend autonomous deliveries – gpgmail

[ad_1] A serious crash by a delivery drone in Switzerland have grounded the fleet and put a partnership on ice. Within a stone’s throw of a school, the incident raised grim possibilities for the possibilities of catastrophic failure of payload-bearing autonomous aerial vehicles. The drones were operated by Matternet as part of a partnership with […]