9 best email marketing services you need to convert a B2B client

[ad_1] We decided to offer up this blog topic in two ways because there are certain variables with business to business (B2B) marketing that exist that use marketing in different ways. Two kinds of email lists in play One list serves as hoarding of contacts. The list may generate contacts from the use of pop-ups […]

7 Email Design Trends Popular This Fall

[ad_1] From gradient “nostalgia” to the discreet charm of monochrome, up to the realism of 3D images, we’ve chosen the most in vogue graphic trends among marketers. Companies consider September a new beginning, with renewed objectives and new intentions to be pursued from now until the end of the year. While not offering huge margins […]

8 Creative Announcement Email Examples And Templates

[ad_1] In today’s modern world, much of our conversation happens through the medium of email. Whether it is for marketing purposes or for personal use, utilizing email’s power has proven to work better and be more efficient than other communication channels for a multitude of reasons. Today, we’d like to center our focus around announcement […]

Gmail can now tell your coworkers you’re on vacation BEFORE they email you – gpgmail

[ad_1]   Emailing a coworker without realizing they’re on vacation is a bummer for everyone involved. The second you get that “out of office” auto-reply, you suddenly remember the twenty minute conversation you had about their upcoming trip to Hawaii and feel like a goober. Meanwhile, they come back to a thousand “Hey, can you […]

Why Email Signature Marketing Is More Powerful than Social Media Marketing

[ad_1] How much time do you spend on social media for the sake of marketing? How many emails do you send per day? If you’re like most business owners or marketers, your social media activity prevails. Instagram is way more fun than email. But does that mean we should neglect email? On the contrary! In […]

Pepipost – your secret email superhero!

[ad_1] An email delivery tool that is the best-kept secret That secret is kept a little too much, in our opinion, and MailBakery’s coding works brilliantly with this tool, so we thought a shout-out is worthwhile to share! Pepipost is an email delivery service that works with either API or SMTP. Pepipost can send triggered […]

Kleiner Perkins bets on a premium email service that’s bringing Slack Groups into Gmail – gpgmail

[ad_1] While Slack is trying to kill email, a new email startup backed by Kleiner Perkins is trying to make corporate email more like Slack. Consider is an email service for startups that balances some premium individual features with collaboration tools that it hopes will help them bring startups onboard. The founders of Consider both […]

How To Plan The New Season of Email Marketing

[ad_1] Summer vacations draw to an end – it’s time to kick-start the new season and raise the bar of your Email Marketing efforts. Everyone is back to the office, except for the naive few traveling in September. People are back at their desks, struggling with loose ends to tie up and new projects to […]