OpenGov acquires ViewPoint Cloud, adding building codes and permitting to its platform – gpgmail

[ad_1] In the same week that it announced a $51 million round of funding, OpenGov — the startup that provides SaaS software designed to help governments and other civic organizations run their operations — is announcing an acquisition to expand the kinds of tools it provides to customers. The company has acquired ViewPoint, a platform […]

Facebook Is Building a Minecraft AI Because Games May Be Great Training Tools

[ad_1] This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. It turns out that video games may be an excellent method of teaching skills to artificial intelligence assistants. That’s the theory of a group of researchers working for Facebook, who have focused on Minecraft as a potential teaching tool […]

Made In Space is building satellites that build themselves – gpgmail

[ad_1] In a nondescript building near Moffett Field, still undistracted by any VC funding, an 80-person company named Made In Space is building tools for the next generation of satellites and space exploration, including most remarkably, the first self-manufacturing satellite, due for launch in three years’ time. Building in space rather than on the ground, […]

Marc Benioff will discuss building a socially responsible and successful startup at gpgmail Disrupt – gpgmail

[ad_1] Salesforce chairman, co-founder and CEO, Marc Benioff, took a lot of big chances when he launched the company 20 years ago. For starters, his was one of the earliest enterprise SaaS companies, but he wasn’t just developing a company on top of new platform, he was building one from scratch with social responsibility built-in. […]

Building brands on Amazon, investing in customer success, quantum computing, and virtual reality – gpgmail

[ad_1] Extra Crunch student discount It’s back-to-school season, and we’ve lined up a special Extra Crunch promotion for students. We are offering students a special subscription rate of $50 per year (regular price: $150) with similar discounts for international members. All you have to do is send an email using your school address to […]

Lego is piloting audio and braille building instructions – gpgmail

[ad_1] Here’s a nice thing from some companies this morning — and it’s got a compelling back story, to boot. Lego this morning announced a new accessibility initiate that will make building instructions for select kits available as braille or text for voice readers, in order to reach builders with blindness and vision impairment. The […]

The five technical challenges Cerebras overcame in building the first trillion transistor chip – gpgmail

[ad_1] Superlatives abound at Cerebras, the until-today stealthy next-generation silicon chip company looking to make training a deep learning model as quick as buying toothpaste from Amazon. Launching after almost three years of quiet development, Cerebras introduced its new chip today — and it is a doozy. The “Wafer Scale Engine” is 1.2 trillion transistors […]

YC’s latest VR bet is a team building a cyberpunk anime MMO – gpgmail

[ad_1] There are niche startups and then there are VR companies going after fans of the “cyberpunk fantasy anime aesthetic.” Ramen VR is one of only a few virtual reality startups that Y Combinator has bet on in the past few years and is only one of two in the company’s most recent batch of […]

Simon Data hauls in $30M Series C to continue building customer data platform – gpgmail

[ad_1] As businesses use an increasing variety of marketing software solutions, the goal around collecting all of that data is to improve customer experience. Simon Data announced a $30 million Series C round today to help. The round was led by Polaris Partners . Previous investors .406 Ventures and F-Prime Capital also participated. Today’s investment […]

Traces AI is building a less invasive alternative to facial recognition tracking – gpgmail

[ad_1] With all of the progress we’ve seen in deep learning tech in the past few years, it seems pretty inevitable that security cameras become smarter and more capable in regards to tracking, but there are more options than we think in how we choose to pull this off. Traces AI is a new computer […]