Email Design Trends 2019: Top New Looks for Your Templates

[ad_1] Email design trends 2019 are already taking over the people’s inboxes! Keep reading to learn what’s modern in the world of email design. Email design trends are a part of graphic design trends and as such, they are inevitably following the tendencies established by the leading graphic designers. However, when it comes to email […]

7 Internal Newsletter Rules for Seamless Company Communication

[ad_1] Have you been sending internal newsletters across your company? If not, now may be the perfect time to start. And if you have, now may be the perfect time to check if your internal newsletter has these 7 qualities which are super important for your seamless company communication. Keeping employees informed of what’s happening […]

19 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Making in 2019

[ad_1] Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool but only if you are doing it right. Unfortunately, many brands these days make email marketing mistakes which cost them opens and conversions. It isn’t rare that for some brands things have been going well until at some point some they report a rise of the unsubscriptions. […]