Filmmakers Declare War on ‘Soap Opera Effect’, Announce New TV Mode

[ad_1] This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. No one, as far as I can tell, really likes post-processed motion interpolation, also called motion smoothing or the “Soap Opera Effect” (SOE). It can work well for certain kinds of broadcasts, like sports, but its benefits in this […]

Bosch is working on glasses-free 3D displays for in-car use – gpgmail

[ad_1] German auto industry giant Bosch is developing new technology that will add glasses-free 3D imaging to future versions of its in-car digital display technology. These 3D displays use passive 3D tech, which mans you won’t need to wear glasses to see the effect, and it also skips eye tracking, which is a key ingredient […]